NHS, really messing it up edition

This is quite terrifying;

More than 1,000 NHS patients in England in the past four years have suffered from medical mistakes so serious they should never happen, according to analysis by the Press Association.

I had someone very dear to me in hospital yesterday for a relatively simple operation. As expected, the operation became the ordeal, with what should have been a 6 hour visit turning into a 13 hour one. But this looks likes a lucky escape..

never events included the wrong legs, eyes or knees being operated on and hundreds of cases of foreign objects such as scalpels being left inside bodies after operations.”

254 so called never events occurred from April to December 2015. These include going in to surgery in terrible pain as a young woman with appendicitis, and waking to find that your fallopian tubes have gone instead. aThere was also the case of the bloke who’s enthusiastic surgeon had removed a testicle rather than the cyst the surgeon was briefed to remove.

Envy of the world? Really?


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