Spitting out my coffee because of Kenya

The response of most policy makers to Uber has been terrible, so I really did nearly drop my drink when I saw this, courtesy of Quartz;

“Kenya’s government is defending Uber against Nairobi’s taxi drivers”

The transport minister, James Macharia, deserves a medal. The disruptive Uber has been met with harsh resistance from established taxi providers all across the globe, with the protests in France getting slightly out of hand, and in London, the Black Cabs nearly pushing TFL into a proposal that was nothing short of an all out attack on Uber to protect their incomes.

I try not to be anecdotal, but Uber has been great for me personally. It hasn’t “accidentally” ended me up in a traffic jam (I don’t drive or cycle in London and I know the embankment is a nightmare.) or cost me £15 to go from Euston to just past Kings Cross. There will of course be people who moan about the surge pricing but I think you have to be drunk or stupid to moan about that.

Point being, in protecting a better, more competitive service, the Kenyan Government is in this case doing a very good thing for consumers of taxi services.



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